Experiencing the Mandela Effect

The ‘Mandela Effect’ is a recent phenomenon that has caused a great deal of confusion and uncertainty among people who have experienced it firsthand.

Experiencing the Mandela Effect

In order to better understand what the phenomenon is all about, it is important to discuss some of its more prominent characteristics. These include:

o The existence of a false memory – the very first thing you will notice when you are having an experience that involves a famous person is that you will begin to remember things that were not actually there at all. This situation was dubbed the ‘Mandela Effect’ by the alleged ‘paranormal investigator’ Fiona Broome due to the fact that many people claimed to share her (false) account of the former South African president dying in prison during the 1980s while in jail.

o These kinds of such experiences often occur after a tragic event, a tragedy in fact, in which the deceased person suffered from a serious illness or died unexpectedly. If you have an experience that involves a famous person dying from a serious illness or suffering from a terminal condition then it’s quite likely that you will develop a false memory about that event. Many people who have had such experiences have said they began to recall events after the situation had subsided.

o A significant personal change may occur in your life when experiencing a memory with a famous person.

Experiencing the Mandela Effect

You may develop a new outlook on life that could result in a better understanding of situations or perhaps an increase in self-confidence or perhaps an increased ability to communicate with others better.

o The second most common way of developing a Mandela Effect story is if you are reading about another famous person and begin to relate to the character in a story. For instance, if you are reading about Nelson Mandela and start to recall stories about the South African leader or stories that you have heard about him such as his speeches or the stories of people who knew him personally you may be experiencing a Mandela Effect story.

o If you have a similar experience and would like to write it down, then you can do so on your own. If you decide to do so, you must ensure that you do so accurately and do not exaggerate in any way. Some people have even said that they have become quite good at describing their experiences on the Mandela Effect.

o A famous person can make their own reality as they go along. It is quite possible for a famous person to have an experience that is similar to yours but be completely different. If this is the case, you might find that there are two completely different Mandela Effect stories.

Experiencing the Mandela Effect

However, there are many stories in which the people’s experience is essentially the same, this includes people having the same experiences but in different ways.

The only way to really know whether you are experiencing a Mandela Effect is to take the time to look around and research the phenomenon. There are many books written by experts on the subject that can help you understand how to spot a fake experience and whether or not it is genuine.

It is also important to note that not everyone has the same experience. Some people have had completely negative experiences with someone who they were extremely close to while some people have had much more positive experiences with such people.

There are a number of websites available where you can research these experiences so that you can see if you are experiencing a false memory. One website that is particularly useful is the website called “The Mandela Effect – Experience Collection”. This site allows you to browse through past experience and then search through them to see what other people are saying about the event.

Other sites include experience sharing blogs, which can be searched to see what people have said about the experience. You can also ask a friend to comment on your experiences on a blog and you can also search on a search engine.

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