Arousal Therapy – Treatment For Anxiety and Phobias

Aversion therapy is a psychological therapy intended to make a person stop or reduce an unwanted behavior pattern by conditioning him to avoid an unwanted stimulus.

Arousal Therapy - Treatment For Anxiety and Phobias

It can be considered a mild form of behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder (social phobia), in which the patient is made to avoid certain things. For instance, he is required to avoid eating in front of the mirror and speaking in front of people. In some cases, he may even be required to stay indoors.

Aversive Conditioning can be used in conjunction with other types of therapies such as exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and desensitization therapy. In addition to these, aversion therapy may also be applied to other mental disorders such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. However, it should always be kept in mind that aversion therapy is not effective in curing all types of behavioral problems but simply making the patient comfortable enough for him to engage in normal social activities.

The aim of aversion therapy is to change a person’s behavior patterns through exposure to stimuli and a certain amount of discomfort. This is done by giving the patients a small amount of discomfort that they can tolerate before being exposed to something that they do not want. Arousal or pleasure is experienced during the process of exposure to the stimulus that is causing the discomfort.

Arousal or Pleasure Arousal is one way to describe the process of a person’s body responding to the stimulus. If you are holding something cold or warm it will make you feel uncomfortable or happy depending on your state of mind. Similarly, if a person is exposed to the stimulus causing the discomfort then it would cause him pleasure or unpleasant sensation. Arousal can be likened to a child’s response when exposed to his parents’ emotions.

The process of aversion therapy is based on exposure to unpleasant stimuli. Exposure therapy works by teaching a person how to identify the source of his discomfort, how to recognize it in the environment and how to avoid the situation that causes his discomfort. He is made to come out of his shell so he can accept the stimulus.

Arousal Therapy - Treatment For Anxiety and Phobias

to face the source of his discomfort without fearing it. The process can be followed with desensitization and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy This therapy helps patients learn how to control his reactions to certain things and how to avoid the situations that cause his reactions. These include proper breathing techniques and progressive relaxation techniques.

Aversive Conditioning The Arousal and Aversive Conditioning are interrelated techniques that have similar objectives. Both help patients overcome the fear of having to go through the experience of being exposed to unpleasant stimuli. Arousal works by helping the patient learn to adapt to an environment without reacting to the stimuli that triggers his anxiety and Aversive Conditioning trains the patient how to deal with the problem in a positive manner. This form of therapy teaches the patient to focus on the problem and not on its solution.

Arousal and Aversive Conditioning is usually used together in combination with desensitization and cognitive behavioral therapy. Other forms of therapy are often used to help the patients with their specific problems.

Arousal Therapy – Exposure Therapy The technique is normally done by making the person feel the stimulus that he fears the most. Exposure Therapy is a treatment for social phobia in children and adults.

Arousal Therapy is a type of therapy in which a person is exposed to the stimulus and then asked to face it without reacting to it. After a few exposures the person will slowly come out of his shell and be able to accept the stimulus. without the fear or the discomfort feeling. This therapy is very effective in relieving people from social phobias and anxiety disorders.

Arousal Therapy is a form of therapy that is used to treat agoraphobia and anxiety in adults and children. This therapy helps the patients to come out of their shell and face the stimulus and accept it without reacting to it. This technique is also effective in treating panic disorder in children.

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